Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Vineyard With A Purpose

We're in the countdown now...  Tomorrow, we feast!

Among the many tastes we're looking forward to are wines from Channing Daughters, a family-owned and -operated winery based in Bridgehampton, Long Island.  So that you can start getting excited, too, here's a bit more about their mantra:

At Channing Daughters, we source about fifty percent of our grapes from special sites and people on the North Fork. Our foremost commitment at Channing Daughters Winery is the care of our grapevines and the quality of wine in the bottle. Starting with intense and careful culture of our vines to the hand-picking of ALL grapes, gentle whole-cluster pressing of white fruit, stomping by foot with punch-down by hand of red grapes, and gravity bottling, our methods remain traditional and artisanal. Wine is grown by hand at Channing Daughters.  
We allow our wines to naturally express the earth that grows them. We believe in celebrating the place, vineyards and region from which we are lucky enough to produce wine.  
We are interested in continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in our vineyards, our cellar and our region. Currently we are producing about seven thousand cases of wine a year spread across twenty-six different bottlings. We strongly believe there are different foods, occasions, people, seasons and moods that demand different flavors, smells, textures and styles of wine. We seek deliciousness. We do everything by hand in small batches with lots of love and attention in order to fulfill our commitment to quality wine in the bottle.

Channing Daughters, a vineyard after our own heart!

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