Thursday, September 15, 2011

Landmark Feast Sponsor TD Bank's logo is not the only thing about them that's green...

Congratulations to our friends at TD Bank on all they are doing to "go green."  Just one more way this Feast sponsor is giving back.

In 2010, TD Bank became the largest U.S.-based bank to be carbon neutral by constructing greener buildings, lowering its energy consumption, and making a significant investment in renewable energy sources like wind, solar and low-impact hydro power.

Visit TD Bank's website to learn more about its "Green Plan." 

Did you know that Landmark West! is a member of TD Bank's Affinity Program?  If you are a TD Bank customer (or would like to be), contact your branch manager to find out how your account balance can help LW! qualify for an annual grant from TD!

Image:  One of several West Side TD Bank branches, this one in the landmark Ansonia at 2109 Broadway (Paul E. M. DuBoy, 1904)

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